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Hypnotherapy And Medical Hypnosis Services In Los Gatos And San Jose, CA

Hypnotherapy for Healthy Living

Visit the office of June Steiner, PhD, CHT, to experience the excellent benefits of our hypnosis services. We offer general hypnotherapy, age and past life regression and safe and effective medical hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for Healthy Living

The power of the mind is a key component in creating the changes you desire. You are always experiencing the power of mind, which refers to your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, images, feelings and the corresponding physical response that influences meaning and value to the life experience. How you “think” works for or against you. This illustrates meaning and value to your life experiences and illustrates “how you think can help or impede” what you are wanting to create for yourself.
June offers hypnotherapy to serve as a bridge between your conscious mind and subconscious mind, where your negative and positive beliefs regulate your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You are always experiencing the power of mind. As you change unhealthy beliefs, you can change negative patterns and behaviors easily. The use of imagery and sound in hypnotherapy produces profound levels of relaxation and healing for her clients, while guided imagery allows the subconscious mind to practice healthy experiences. We use hypnotherapy as the bridge to reach our subconscious mind. Age regression allows the therapist to go back to the trauma of PTDS and release the blocked energy. The client is always in charge during hypnosis and will only use those suggestions that are for his/her positive good. The power of the mind is a key component to create the change you want.

Uses of Hypnotherapy

  • Personal Growth/ Self-Esteem
  • PTSD
  • Medical
  • Pain Management
  • Imagery for Pre/ Post-Surgery
  • Regression
  • Belief & Behavioral Changes
  • Test Anxiety
  • Motivation
  • Stress/ Anxiety Reduction
  • Mental Sports Conditioning
  • Communication Skills/ Self-Talk
Hypnotherapy helps clients discover, recover and work on underlying issues, where we review, understand and relive childhood wounds around our issues. Hypnotherapy is useful to change unhealthy habits and become aware of our difficult behaviors and adopt healthy new ones. Clients can achieve greater personal mastery in physical, emotional and mental potential. Spiritually, we can expand personal perspectives and wisdom while making healthier choices and growing in consciousness from our willingness to change.

Medical Hypnotherapy

In the use of Medical Hypnotherapy, imagery affects the body intensely and on deep levels and also helps in diagnosis, pain, illness, procedures and recovery. Mental techniques are customized to your individual needs and circumstances. Feeling more in control of your thoughts, mental images and self-talk reduces the feeling of anxiety and worry. It has been shown to improve outcomes in most areas, especially in anxiety, stress, surgery preparation, pain management, chemotherapy and radiation and medical procedures.
  • Create a personal laboratory where you focus on healing illness of all types.
  • Learn to use your subconscious to help heal body, mind & spirit.
  • Use visualizations to assist your subconscious to provide your body with the resources it needs to heal.
  • Ways to diminish pain of all types.

Effective Treatments

Guided imagery allows your subconscious mind to practice healthy experiences and age regression allows your hypnotherapist to take you back to the trauma in PTSD and release the blocked energy. Sports, tests, motivation and relaxation improvements are greatly enhanced. You are always in charge during hypnosis and the therapist will only use those suggestions that are positive and healthy.
The authors of (Mind Over Matter: Patients' perception of their illness makes a difference – see e-science News, 1/27/12), state that some research suggests that “how a person views his illness may play a bigger role in determining his health outcomes than the actual severity of his disease.” According to Greg Meyerhoff and Anne Salisbury, PhD, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy works with the 4 major approaches to issues that can affect our health and well-being.

Dream Catcher
June uses Shamanic healing tools and incorporates dream work, age regression, past life regression, near death experiences, psychic awareness and all manner of working with anomalous experiences into her professional life.
June Steiner, PhD, CHT has worked and taught in the fields of Shamanism, Consciousness, Parapsychology, Altered States and Anomalous Experiences for 30 years, and is deeply interested in the interplay between disciplines and the experiences that come from them. She is an explorer of the multiple layers of reality in which they occur. June spends much of her time working with, listening to and sharing with individuals who want to know more about the meaning of their experiences, while integrating them into their everyday lives.
As an Agent of Conscious Evolution, she mentors others in creating higher levels of consciousness, resonance and love in their lives. June is President of the Board of O.P.U.S., Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support ( and past Vice-President of A.C.C.E.T., Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists. She is a certified shamanic practitioner. She has taken people on vision quests and nature adventures for 20 years.


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